Piano Repairs & Restorations

Pianos are beautiful instruments that have many moving parts which need maintenance or repairing from time to time in order for you to get the best sound/feel when playing.

We're happy to quote any work needed whether it be the piano mechanism (i.e action, keyboard, soundboard) or the cabinet. With 25 years experience, we are capable & efficient technicians & your piano, or treasured family heirloom, is in good hands.

We are also able to do insurance quotes.

We also have extensive experience in the dying art of French Polishing. Restoring your piano with this beautiful finish will resurrect your piano back to it's former glory. We are also able to restore furniture.

Contact us for a quote at your convenience.

Pianolas & Player Pianos

Restoring pianolas back to their original playing condition is a very specialized occupation and quite different to general piano tunes/repairs.

Matt, being a qualified pianola technician, can bring your grand old pianola back to life and playing just as it was many years ago.  Pianolas were state of the art instruments when they were first introduced and complexed mechanics made them advanced for the era in which they were created. Fine Touch Pianos repair pianolas with great detail remembering they are now antiques & should be treated with respect.

Piano Upcycling

Do you have a piano that has been passed down to you but you can't play, have no desire to or the piano itself can't be repaired but is a family heirloom? We can upcycle your piano!

Pianos can be upcycled to a bar, a desk or a bookshelf. These pieces will have so much character and you will be able use the old piano for something functional should you have missed the musical gene but love the history behind your antique piano.

Frequently Asked Questions

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